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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Are You in Stress Overload?

Stress overload is when a person undergoes more strain than he or she can handle. The weak economy has taken a toll not only on finances, but also on our nerves, and we are plagued by uncertainties of the future.

According to Margaret Lunney, RN, PhD and Professor at The City University of New York, stress overload pertains to "excessive amounts and types of demands that require action. It is a human response that is experienced as a problem and contributes to the development of other problems."

Stress overload can be brought about by several factors such as intense pressures, illnesses, long-term difficulties, and leaving little time for relaxation. Long-term exposure to stress can even lead to serious health problems that can disrupt nearly every system in your body. It can raise blood pressure, suppress the immune system, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, cause digestive problems, sleep problems, speed up the aging process and the list goes on.

There are many things one can do to reduce the impact and cope with symptoms such as Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, and of course massage. So make sure to book your appointment for a relaxing massage at Skinsational Skin & Body Spa to start your way to stress-free living!

Keep reading below for more tips on how to manage stress.

How much stress is too much? (
Because of the widespread damage stress can cause, it’s important to know your own limit. But just how much stress is “too much” differs from person to person. Some people roll with the punches, while others crumble at the slightest obstacle or frustration. Some people even seem to thrive on the excitement and challenge of a high-stress lifestyle.
Your ability to tolerate stress depends on many factors, including the quality of your relationships, your general outlook on life, your emotional intelligence, and genetics.

Things that influence your stress tolerance level:

Your support network – A strong network of supportive friends and family members is an enormous buffer against life’s stressors. On the flip side, the more lonely and isolated you are, the greater your vulnerability to stress.
Your sense of control – If you have confidence in yourself and your ability to influence events and persevere through challenges, it’s easier to take stress in stride. People who are vulnerable to stress tend to feel like things are out of their control.
Your attitude and outlook – Stress-hardy people have an optimistic attitude. They tend to embrace challenges, have a strong sense of humor, accept that change is a part of life, and believe in a higher power or purpose.
Your ability to deal with your emotions - You’re extremely vulnerable to stress if you don’t know how to calm and soothe yourself when you’re feeling sad, angry, or afraid. The ability to bring your emotions into balance helps you bounce back from adversity.
Your knowledge and preparation – The more you know about a stressful situation, including how long it will last and what to expect, the easier it is to cope. For example, if you go into surgery with a realistic picture of what to expect post-op, a painful recovery will be less traumatic than if you were expecting to bounce back immediately.

Am I in control of stress or is stress controlling me? (The Language of Emotional Intelligence by Jeanne Segal, Ph.D.)
  1. When I feel agitated, do I know how to quickly calm and soothe myself?
  2. Can I easily let go of my anger?
  3. Can I turn to others at work to help me calm down and feel better?
  4. When I come home at night, do I walk in the door feeling alert and relaxed?
  5. Am I seldom distracted or moody?
  6. Am I able to recognize upsets that others seem to be experiencing?
  7. Do I easily turn to friends or family members for a calming influence?
  8. When my energy is low, do I know how to boost it?

Try taking this quiz to find out how much you are affected by stress:

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Skinsational in the News!

Ooh la la! Skinsational Skin & Body Spa is one of San Diego's "sexiest spas" according to WHERE San Diego. Plus, we're one of the city's "most soothing spas" in San Diego Social magazine!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FREE Holiday Treatments!

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Hour Next Week at Skinsational!

Don't forget to book your spot for our Happy Hour next Tuesday, December 15th! From 6:00pm-8:00pm, you can enjoy Minty Mistletoe Cocktails and your choice of the following mini treatments for only $15:

-Tension Reliever Massage
-Mini Facial
-Mini Hand Treatment

Participate in free drawings and receive a 15% discount on any full length service booked during Happy Hour.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

CONTEST: Win a FREE Candy Cane Facial!

What is the best gift you’ve ever given someone for the holidays? Or what is the best gift you’ve ever received? Spread some holiday cheer and tell us your best story for a chance to win a FREE Candy Cane Facial valued at $125!

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Good luck!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Tips for a Safe & Healthy Spa Experience

With holiday parties marked on everyone's social calendar, salons are sure to see a surge of women getting beautified for a big night out, but sometimes what they see at certain salons isn't so pretty. Here at Skinsational, we are dedicated to our clients' safety and comfort and therefore adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness that comply with the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

Check out some of these tips and guidelines for top salon practices from the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology that all of our customers are sure to experience at Skinsational this holiday season and all year round!

Take a Look Around
Look for the license. Manicurists, who give pedicures as well as manicures, must have a license from the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, and it must be visible to customers. The license is your assurance that the manicurist has passed an examination and understands the techniques for each procedure, as well as how to properly clean and disinfect instruments and foot spas.

Next, look at the general cleanliness of the place. If the place doesn't look clean, leave. After all, a messy shop may indicate that critical cleaning steps are not being taken, either.

Foot Spa Cleanliness
While waiting for your turn, watch the foot spas. By law, foot spas have to be cleaned and disinfected after each use. Cleaning and disinfecting basins thoroughly is a must-do, or you could run the risk of infection from Mycobacterium fortuitum, a bacterium that can grow in the warm water of a foot spa that hasn't been properly disinfected. Mycobacterium can cause painful skin boils.

Foot Care Do's and Don'ts
Once your feet have been soaked, it's time to smooth them. No razor-edged tools, such as "Credo" blades, should be used to remove calluses or rough skin. Sharp instruments can cut the skin, allowing bacteria to invade the cut. For the same reason, don't shave or wax your legs 24 hours before your pedicure. Cuts on your skin from shaving or waxing can get infected during the foot soak.

When shaping the nails, buffers or emery boards must be new, used only on you and then thrown out. If an instrument cannot be properly disinfected, it must be disposed of after the pedicure. Metal nail files and cuticle pushers must be completely immersed in disinfectant between uses.

Don't Cut Corners to Save $$
If you find a shop that charges considerably less than other nail shops in the area, you should question whether all the necessary cleaning steps are being taken. The equipment used to properly clean and disinfect nail implements and foot spas are an expense, and sometimes to cut costs, a shop will add water to the disinfectants. The problem is, the disinfectant is no longer potent enough to do the job.

At Skinsational, we thouroughly clean and sanitize each pedicure spa before and after each client using approved undiluted disinfectant solution, scrubbing the entire surface, jets and screens. We also use clean and santized implements for manicures and pedicures, and use brand new emery boards, buffers and foot scrubbers on each client.You can feel confident that all of your spa services are delivered under the highest standards of safety and sanitation here at Skinsational. Check out our Holiday Specials HERE, and know that you can relax and enjoy our Mistletoe Pedicure!

Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the corner and along with holiday cheer, one can sometimes feel holiday stress. Skinsational Skin and Body Spa has discovered some great de-stressing tips from Dr. Eva Selhub, author of The Love Response and instructor at the Harvard Medical School, that are sure to leave you as jolly as one of Santa's elves.

Tips for managing stress:
1. Focus on an image of something that gives you the experience of awe: Imagine a sunset, picture the face of someone you love, recall watching your child walk for the first time. Hold this image for as long as you wish.

2. Close your eyes or gaze at your hands on your lap and inhale while you count silently to four. Take a little pause and then exhale, counting down from four. Do this at least 10 times.

3. Imagine the sun is shining golden light upon you, creating a glowing shield that holds you and comforts you. You can imagine the faces of people whom you love as your shield. Hold this image as long as you wish.

4. With any of the above exercises, you can repeat these words silently as often as you wish: "The support I need is here. I am loved and valued."

5. Imagine support is coming up from the earth, in through your feet, and up through your body and arms as you rise from your chair and stretch for the sky. As you stretch, inhale and exhale deeply, repeating the phrase above.

6. Call or plan to meet someone who cares about you for support. Make sure you let them know that you do not want advice (unless you do)-you just want support and someone who will listen.

7. Think of something funny or watch something funny on the Internet. Allow yourself to laugh for several minutes. It always helps when you take life less seriously, even if only for a moment.

Take advantage of our Thai's the Season to De-Stress winter special to have an even more stress-free holiday season! This soothing massage is a combination of muscle stretches, acupressure, and deep breathing. A Thai Massage is like receiving a thorough physical workout while you relax and do nothing! This treatment is done on a floor mat without the use of oils, and please make sure to wear comfortable clothing. It's the ultimate massage for increasing flexibility and releasing tension, and we are offering it at a special price of $125 for 60 minutes of pure relaxation!

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